Lights of the City
Lights of the City
Life in Paris, what to do, coffee, technology, media and culture



  • Moved to Paris to start a new life. We start selling electric skateboards, and later coffee to creative agencies and production houses. I’m writing for and become a senior writer for the site.


  • We reach over 6m unique views per month on, and I start coaching business English to the banking and insurance industry’s executives as an auto-entrepreneur. Later the year I am fully employed with clients requesting my coaching. 

  • I start an Instagram account called Business English Daily that shares a business word per day to increase general business vocabulary. It grows to have over 400 followers before the end of the year. 

  • I start French classes through the Marie (French municipality) and reach an A1.1 level. 


Jan - March

  • I start to travel more for work. I fly to Toulouse, and visit Couchon on a weekly basis. I have more authority and I continually produce content for the company. The Instagram following has now grown to have over 650 followers which gets a daily post and stories from other coaches. I produce over 4 articles a month for

  • I rework my old blog to be more professional and I migrate from Wordpress to Squarespace. It’s easier to use, has better design and has a built-in email and commerce platform for marketing and monetisation. I pack my Fujifilm X-T20 everyday and decide to take more pictures, tell more stories.

  • I have people writing the English BULATS tests and increase their level. People are happy with the way I coach and confidence is increased.

  • I start with A1.2 in French. 

  • I start developing a pitch for an app. A Shazam for an industry, but one that can make money for each user, just by taking photos and sharing them to an Instagram-like platform. I’m thinking how to pursue it, and not have the idea slip into the wrong hands, while also knowing that if it doesn’t get out there it might never get built.